Ricardo Catalan Jr.

Amos Feldman

Phil Allen
Nahar River
Amelie McKendry

Lana Asanin

Michelle Pichon
Simeon Rose
Andro Macapinlac

Nicole Quintero Ochoa
Ibrahima B. Diallo
Caitlin Cassidy



Jenn Cuneta

Stefan Semo

Benoit Bourdeau       Victoria Pasarell
China Dorn

J. Gabriel Sori
Jessica Vasquez
Matt Cusson
Yuvyl Getz

Georgina Philipps as


Amelie McKendry as "Nikki the Nightbird"

from the NYC Rooftop Story movie.


Steven Leser of blogtalkradio.com interviews NYC Rooftop Story (NYCRS) cast, Amelie McKendry &
Lana  Asanin, about the NYC Rooftop Story production & red carpet premiere at SLATE NYC. 

Jannick Raunow as


Bryan Williams as "Zach" and male lead actor, Geoff Kanick, as "David".

Had an amazing and successful red carpet premiere planning of the NYC Rooftop Story at the top notch club in New York City—SLATE NYC — with Ralph V. Brown & Troy Williams of 12-2-GO Elite Security and Entertainment Protection LLC, Ricardo Catalan Jr., Amelie McKendry and Lana Asanin. 

Club Scene Crowd Dancers


Leading Actress, Lana Asanin as "Misha".

Behind the scene location shoot of the NYC Rooftop Story 
with Amelie McKendry as "Ella the Fashion Reporter", Ricardo Catalan Jr., Lana Asanin and
Karim Elkholy as "Gunther".

Samantha Ballard as "Caroline".

Johanna Duk as "Barbara".

Lisa Lakatos as "Ingrid" and Marie J. Zoumanigui
as "Ana".

Phil Allen Frank Lamboy Jenn Cuneta Ellenie Galestian
Arthur Galestian

Vicky Poole as "Ethel" and Danielle Loizou

as "Sonia".

Michelle Pichon as "Ginny".

Lead Actor, Geoff Kanick.

12-2-GO Elite Security and Entertainment Protection LLC

Paulina Simkin as "Judith" and Dino as "Muchita".

Club Scene Location shoot wrap-up at ZIO Ristorante NYC with
(L to R) Nahar River as "Carmela" and choreographer, Geoff Kanick, Lana Asanin, Georgina Philipps as "Susan", Amelie McKendry and Ricardo Catalan Jr.
, producer, writer and director.

Megan Parsons as


Lisa Lakatos  and Amelie McKendry  having fun at the club scene shoot of the NYC Rooftop Story at ZIO Ristorante NYC.

"Congratulations above all to Ricardo Catalan Jr. for putting together 'NYC Rooftop Story'. I believe in it. The cast believes in it. The folks who were there last night believe in it. The reactions from the audience were real and can't be faked. It really is a funny movie. Much success to you and thank you for having us be a part of it."     Frank Lamboy — International DJ & Producer

Chris Pollard as "Derrick".

Ezra Wine

Nina Siegrist

Vincent Cozzi

Amala Rozbroj

Sherma Andrews
Bret Josephs
Rommy Pennella
Geoffrey Paran
Kodwani Bauda

Click Steven Leser button to listen to
the audio file of the NYC Rooftop Story interview on August 25, 2013 starting at
25 minutes:07 seconds track.

Producer, Writer & Director

Technical Advisor
Music Director
Marketing & Promotions

Production Assistants                         

Makeup Artist

Ella the Fashion Reporter &
Nikki the Nightbird

Derrick the Bouncer
Barbara’s plant recipient
Muchita (yorkshire terrier)
Armand (David’s father)
Club Music DJ

Geoff Kanick

Lana Asanin

Georgina Philipps
Bryan Williams
Amelie Mckendry

Johanna Duk
Nahar River
Karim Elkholy
Michelle Pichon
Lisa Lakatos
Marie Zoumanigui
Jannick Raunow
Samantha Ballard

Pal Singh

Paulina Simkin
Vicky Poole
Danielle Loizou
Megan Parsons
Chris Pollard
Simeon Rose
Armand Punzalan
Frank Lamboy