(Center) Tino Pascual.

Ricardo Catalan Jr. and Geoff Kanick.

Albert Bramante.

(Below) Guests at the premiere screening of "NYC Rooftop Story".

Amelie McKendry, Paul Edgewater, Yi Liu and Lana Asanin.

MIDDLE row: Kathleen Cameron, Liz McKendry, Ellenie Galestian, Amelie McKendry & Scott Dunkle. BOTTOM row: SLATE
NYC before the NYC
Story Red
Carpet Premiere.

MIDDLE row: Sans Limites Dance. BOTTOM row: Amelie McKendry, Michael Lian &

Felicia Forster.

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(Right) "NYC Rooftop Story" red carpet premiere fun
with Yi Liu, Karim Elkholy, Jacquelyne Quinones
and Stefan Semo.

Caitlin Cassidy &

Geoff Kanick.

IT TV host Prince Adonis interviewing the NYC Rooftop Story
cast and production members.

Barry Kushelowitz

Jason Madrigal & Jenn Cuneta "Overdrive
Pass 9".

Jenn Cuneta, Maverick & Frank Lamboy
performed their song "Overdrive Pass 9" used in the NYCRS movie soundtrack at the Premiere.

(Below) Lana Asanin, Stefan Semo, Jacquelyne Quinones, Jenn Cuneta, Karim Elkholy and
Bryan Williams enjoying the NYCRS premiere night.

MIDDLE row: Liz & Amelie McKendry. BOTTOM row:
Mario Lorenzo & Bella Olivieri.

Gathering of NYC Rooftop Story cast before premiere.

NYC Rooftop Story Red Carpet Premiere • September 17, 2013 • SLATE NYC

Georgina Phiipps.

Johanna Duk and

Paulina Simkin.

Ray Dimmick, Amelie McKendry, Ellenie Galestian, and
Lana Asanin.

(Left to right) Hector Gomez, Dr. Cecilia U Scheuerman, Bernadette, Gina Pingol, Marie U. Zamboanga, T. Alexander Tamayo Jr. & Dental Staff.

Ellenie Galestian  performs
"Edge of the Night".

Amelie McKendry, Steven Leser (news blog radio host), and
Lana Asanin.

Ellenie Galestian with dancers Jess Attardo and
Michele Monica rehearsing for the premiere at 440
Studios NYC. Her song "Edge of the Night" is in
the soundtrack of NYCRS.

Geoff Kanick, Amelie McKendry, Ricardo Catalan Jr., Georgina Philipps, & Lana Asanin.

Samantha Ballard, Geoff Kanick,  Amelie McKendry, Johanna Duk, Ricardo Catalan Jr., Georgina Philipps, & Lana Asanin.